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Antonius Nijssen

In spite of my Western European roots, and a likewise Western background that shaped my way of perception and rendering, I have always been particularly inspired by Asian art. To me, the Asian wide-scoped and sensitve use of colours in everyday life, clothes and objects, and the freedom from any rules of perspective in their art are most fascinating. In my work, I try to visualize the free and multidimensional way of Oriental thinking, with its wide range of philosophies.

Reflection and self-reflection are the main themes of my paintings. Sensory impressions, together with the poetry of their emotions and history, get translated into pure abstractions, thus giving expression to their very own essence. The geometric fields and shapes in my work spring from intuition. They are the bearers of the subjective and contemplative ideas which I render in layers of colour and emotion. In order to break away from the traditional two-dimensionality of the canvas, I sometimes create a factual three-dimensionality. In doing so, added optical perspectives are generated, offering different ways of perception.

Antonius Nijssen, 2010